Our Policies

Empowering Trust, Ensuring Compliance: Our Commitment Through Clear Policies

List of Policies

  1. Volunteering Policy and Procedure
    • Details the framework for recruiting, managing, and supporting volunteers to ensure their efforts are impactful and aligned with the organisation’s objectives. It emphasises fair treatment and inclusivity.
  2. Safeguarding Policy
    • Outlines measures to protect vulnerable adults and children from all forms of harm, including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. It establishes procedures for awareness, reporting, and responding to safeguarding concerns within the organisation.
  3. Diversity and Equality Policy
    • Ensures fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees and volunteers, prohibiting discrimination and outlining commitments to promote diversity within the organisation.
  4. Bullying and Harassment Policy
    • Defines unacceptable behaviours like bullying and harassment and provides guidelines for addressing these issues to maintain a respectful working environment.
  5. Grievance Procedure
    • Describes the process for employees and volunteers to raise concerns or complaints regarding their work environment or relationships, ensuring issues are addressed fairly and transparently.
  6. Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Outlines expectations and procedures for identifying, disclosing, and managing any personal or financial interests that could conflict with one’s duties towards the organisation.
  7. Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy and Procedure
    • Details the steps and guidelines for addressing employee misconduct or performance issues, ensuring fair treatment through a structured disciplinary process.
  8. Directors’ Policy
    • Outlines the responsibilities, ethical guidelines, and operational roles of the Directors, ensuring they manage the company in compliance with legal standards and align with the strategic goals set by its members.
  9. Privacy Policy
    • Details how personal information is collected, used, and protected, ensuring compliance with GDPR. It explains the rights of individuals regarding their data and outlines procedures for accessing and managing personal information securely.
  10. Information Security Policy
    • Establishes protocols to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Friends of the Garibaldi CIC’s data and IT infrastructure. It details the proper handling, security, and access to information.
  11. Incident Response Plan
    • Provides a structured approach to managing information security incidents to minimise their impact on the organisation. This plan includes steps for identification, response, recovery, and post-incident analysis.

These policies collectively help to maintain a secure, fair, and respectful working environment at Friends of the Garibaldi CIC, fostering trust and integrity across all levels of the organisation.

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