Gari Newsletter – Aug ’23

What’s been happening?

‘Garioke’ – the third consecutive monthly sing-along sesh went off well on Sat 8 Jul, with another couple of YouTubed self- styled nights set for Aug and Sep before our grander pro- curated themed event in Oct (see ‘What’s On – Regular Events’ below for the dates).

‘Stormy T and The Bluesman Lane’ – the curiously-named but rousing band played a rockin’ set at the pub on Sat 29 Jul (see ‘What’s On – One-Off Events’ below for details of our upcoming live music bookings).

Titsey Brewery trip – finally, after some five months since the idea was brewed-up, nine of our committed cask connoisseurs plus Annie our driver managed to scale the North Downs and get ourselves to the newly-established Titsey brewery on Sat 12 Aug! The new facilities certainly were a much-improved version of their original site; the brewing equipment was still in gloriously gleaming form and we were served probably the freshest Titsey beer I’ve ever tried by the efficient and welcoming staff. A cracking afternoon which passed too quickly was had by all and we’d like to thank Shiv who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend owing to work (always pub first!) but who organised the excursion with Craig the head brewer.

Top 10 Best Surrey Pub Gardens comp – finally some well- deserved and long-overdue wider recognition for Sarah Maye and the Gari Garden Gang’s sterling work, as after an intense campaign by locals we managed to secure a place in this illustrious listing, with voting closing on Sun 13 Aug.

Having led the charge at various midweek flashes, we ended up losing out to a few others at the final hurdle, but in fairness these were pretty grandiose projects (so we don’t have a canal in our garden; sorry folks!), so heads should still be held high here. Thanks to all that took the time to register numerous votes in support of Sarah’s hard-working group. And as per previous reminders dear readers, any requests to hire our garden should be sent to [email protected].

Regular fundraising activities:

EasyFundRaising – you know the drill by now people!
The Garibaldi Pub One Lottery – it could be YOU!
‘Your Fund Surrey – Join The Local Conversation’ – we never give up on this entirely!
Meat raffles – weekly at 5pm, from Sun 20 Aug. Fill your fridge and freezer by winning our long-running and keenly-anticipated regular raffle!

What’s on – regular events:
‘Forces Fry-up
’ – monthly at 10am, from Sat 19 Aug – come and see those magnificent women and their frying machines! Next date Sat 23 Sep.
Quiz night – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 17 Aug – pit your wits against our regular quiz host Fran, the closest we can get to Victoria Coren Mitchell, while Jim steps in and does his best Jeremy Paxman impression!
‘Music Bingo’ – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 24 Aug – Lady Alexis brings you our much-loved antidote to the seriousness of the quizzes. After five years, why aren’t we calling this ‘Mungo’?! ‘Garioke’ – now monthly at 7.30pm, from Sat 19 Aug – the subsequent dates are: § Sat 23 Sep.
Sat 28 Oct (Hallowe’en).

What’s on – one-off events:
TV sports
– we shall be continuing to show key sporting events as the year unfolds as ever, but viewers should note that our sports showings will now be taken from Sky/TNT/Amazon as of August.
Our sixth birthday bash – my, how the years pass so swiftly! Yes, unbelievably we’re about to celebrate our sixth year trading as a community pub. As 6 isn’t an especially notable number, it’ll be a more modest marking of the occasion this time round, but for those who want to do so should make themselves available for drinkies – hopefully in the garden weather-permitting – from 6pm, Thu 17 Aug. Let us take this opportunity once again as our anniversary rolls around to thank all those people who have been involved with the Gari CIC and pub project across the last six+ years, from initial concept through to the start of trading, then everyday management through very tough times in our industry to ultimately establishing as one of the area’s premier pub destinations. It really couldn’t have happened without you – and that includes loyal customers of course, not just company members. Worth raising a glass or two to I’m sure you’ll agree!
Rear yard/outhouse clear-up – those more intimately acquainted with the pub’s rear layout will realise that we have a yard (part of which is where Bhunny’s are currently positioned) and a large outhouse adjoining it. Both would benefit from a darn-good clear-up, so Shiv is asking for volunteers to come by and assist with this – many hands make light work as they say, so the more we have on deck the better. From 10am, Sun 20 Aug.
Live music – House band ‘Three Times Seven’ will be back with us to boogie from 8pm, Sat 26 Aug. A lively way to kick off our long bank holiday weekend at the pub! Watch out too for a further live music shindig which we hope will take place on Sat 30 Sep – details to be confirmed in the next issue.
New furniture – September should see the pub’s exterior being upgraded in the form of new tables. Following a notable donation from St James’s Place (thanks to Mollie Burdge!) of £1,000 and a smaller but still-welcome contribution from Molson Coors, we shall be receiving new seating made from sustainable modern materials which should provide both comfort and durability for years to come. Happy sitting!
‘Friends of The Garibaldi’ CIC Annual General Meeting – another clarion call for members and any future members to attend our AGM, to be held at the pub from 10am, Sat 9 Sep. As already stated in our last issue, it’s a great opportunity to see what things are discussed and get a fuller ‘behind the scenes’ picture of the work the company does on everyone’s behalf. You only have to attend two meetings before becoming a fully-fledged member. Again we are keen to reiterate that it is completely free to join our CIC! No FOTG member has ever been required to pledge or transfer any of their own funds into the company, which to date as always been run profitably enough so that there is simply no need for company members to contribute their own money. So for any doubters on this score, please be reassured that membership will incur no fees or commitments, now or in future, to commit any personal funds towards the company.
Brewery trip – after the success of the last trip AKA ‘getting tipsy at Titsey’, we’re returning to the monthly real ale romps with a visit to Gun Brewery, near Hailsham. We hope they’ll be firing on all cylinders and if so we’ll be certain to get fully-loaded! So come join us for breakfast bappery to lay the foundations at the pub from 11am, Sat 23 Sep, with a view to a half-eleven escape down to the South Downs. Register your interest with Shiv or a bar staff member.
New clubs @The Gari: Golf – from suggestion to action: the maiden golfing event is already scheduled! Thanks to all those showing an interest in reviving this old Gari favourite. It’s at Horne Park for a nine-holer – breakfast at 9:30am; tee-off at 10:30am, Sun 17 Sep. £25 a head including your brekkie. All enquiries to Tabitha Knight at the bar please.
Books – a reading club is being set up for those literary enthusiasts who like to be on the same page, literally and figuratively! All enquiries to Sarah Burgess please.
Charity beer festival – our Rotarian real ale-related collab will again be taking place this year, ale being well, albeit a weekend later than in 2022. The planned dates are now Fri 6 – Sat 7 Oct. This will preview our own cask curation in November (dates to be confirmed in due course).

Our Crowdfunder is now live!