Gari Newsletter – July ’22

What’s been happening in July and what’s planned

for the summer?

Friends of The Gari update: The FOTG ‘mixer’ event:

A heartfelt message of appreciation goes out to all those FOTG members who gave up their valuable time on Wed 29 Jun to attend this event. It was a great opportunity to present some of the work being done by members behind the scenes to our customers, discuss updates, and get to know the faces whose efforts aren’t always immediately obvious, but which keep our community facility running smoothly. We received some lovely comments and we hope to repeat this event again soon.

Selected other June/July events:

A shout goes out to Stormy T and The Bluesmen for their sterling live performance at the pub on Sat 25 Jun – all part of our ongoing ‘Mill Street Blues’ programme.
·The ‘Big Pub Quiz’ – special thanks go to Tabitha Knight who kindly ran the Gari’s version of the above national charitable quiz initiative in support of Pub Aid and Shelter. £76 was raised, which according to their website was just one of 1,312 contributions amounting to over £750,000 – every little helps, especially in economically-trying times such as these.

Gary & Lisa Risbridger’s wedding reception – yes, the closest Redhill could come to a celebrity wedding celebration was held at the pub on Sat 16 Jul! Everyone who is anyone attended and a cracking community hoedown was had on a sunny Saturday evening, happily christening our newly-paved garden circle (see details below) for the couple’s first dance, incidentally to Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You?’ – awww SWEET – the answer to that is if Gal keeps winning our meat raffle as frequently as he does we reckon Lisa could well stick it out for life despite everything.

Pub building maintenance:


















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– What’s On –

Quiz Night:

Fortnightly from Thur 21st July

Music Bingo:

Fortnightly from Thur 28th July

‘Forces Fry-Up’: Monthly – next event 10.30am, Sat 23rd July

5th Birthday – Drinks Wednesday 17th August 7pm.

Furnistore for Ukraine:

Fund raising event, Live music. Sat 27th August 6.00 – 9.30pm

Various ad-hoc jobs needed doing lately, and as ever this need was met by some handy and helpful local folks who deserve a shout, namely:

Matt Lush for his carpentry skills, and improving our storage with a new cupboard. In a pub with limited space any extra is always very useful!
Daryl Setterfield for organising the repairs to the windows in the bar and the toilet, and also for arranging the works with Sarah Maye for the circle resurfacing, completed by contractors Browning Construction. The circle now looks as it was always intended with beautiful paving and this represents a lasting improvement on our garden facility!

Matt Bass and Steve Churches for erecting the signage outside on the front post. An increase in our ‘kerb appeal’ if ever there was one!
Needless to say though, a community pub’s needs are never fully-satisfied and there are further jobs which others may be able to assist us with. There is a list on our website ( and do let us know if you’re interested in helping out. All skills are potentially valuable but right now especially those who can paint and/or sew effectively!

Garden maintenance:

This month the FOTG really want to put the spotlight on our diligent and dedicated director of all things garden-related, Sarah Maye. Sarah is in attendance most days despite her own commitments, to oversee ongoing work, ensure plants are well-watered and weeded, prepping for external events, and managing the equally-excellent troop of volunteers (Gari’s own and from Surrey Choices) who appear on Tuesdays and Sundays to keep everything in check, including our vegetable/fruit beds. We think our garden is looking at its best and Summer ’22 is seeing the finest flower show in our five- year history! The wonderful work kickstarted by Charlie Griswood has been bravely and brilliantly taken to the next level by Sarah and her team, so don’t ever think we and our customers don’t appreciate all the essential effort that maintaining a special space such as this entails.

Additional appreciation goes to those who volunteer for garden duties through the working week – especially Steve, who is always on hand and despite recent record-breaking temperatures and weeks of dry weather has kept our flora alive, and Phil, who looks after the large lawn and saves us over £1,500 a year in getting someone in to do it!
Anyone wanting to assist with watering duties during the hotter spell (and enjoy a cheeky pint at 10pm as well-earned reward!) do speak to Shiv, Sarah or let us know via the email address below.

The harvest from our veg beds is put by in the bay window of the bar area and is available for customers’ delectation. The Gin Garden project – still ‘a thing’! Again, if anyone would like to get involved, please leave your details at the bar or email [email protected].

Other opportunities to get on board:

We are looking for volunteers to help with future events in general, so if you have a couple of hours to spare please get in touch!
Specifically we’re still keen to sign up any volunteers over the summer months to help when things get heavy behind the bar. If you would like to jump in, we would love to hear from you. Training shall be provided prior to being put into battle! Those interested please contact [email protected].

The usual funding reminders:

Show support for our goal to eventually buy the pub via ‘Your Fund Surrey – Join The Local Conversation’. EasyFundRaising– over 6,000 retailers will donate to us when you shop via the site.
The Garibaldi Pub One Lottery – tickets are £1 a week with cash prizes up to £25,000 – always gamble as responsibly as you do when drinking alcohol.

What’s on?
Meat raffle
– weekly at 5pm, from Sun 24 Jul.
Quiz night – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 21 Jul.
‘Music Bingo’ – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 28 Jul.
‘Forces Fry-up’ – monthly at 10.30am, from Sat 23 Jul.
5th Birthday – Drinks Wednesday 17th August 7pm.
Brewery tour: Constellation at Tonbridge plus Fuggles Café – 11am, Sat 13 Aug. Shiv sends apologies for having had to cancel the July trip; this was owing to our usual bus being unavailable due to the Air Cadets annual camping holiday (if you’d like to support them there’s a donation box on the bar!). Never mind – this lot’s beers have featured already and gone down a storm with our cask cognoscenti, so this fixture should be well-worth the £15-a-head cost!
‘Furnistore For Ukraine!’ – 6-9:30pm, Sat 27 Aug. A one-off event in support of Ukrainians afflicted by conflict featuring live music and a charity raffle to be held in the garden, all for a mere £5 entry fee.

Our Crowdfunder is now live!