Gari Newsletter – Feb ’23

What’s been happening in the last few weeks, and what’s planned for the next few?

Burns Night –
Our first notable event of the new calendar year held on Wed 25 Jan, which like so many last year, went very smoothly, thanks to those who organised and staffed it, and those who attended and enjoyed it. George Henderson’s address to our haggis was memorable as ever, and this year augmented by an equally rousing rendition of ‘Holy Willie’! As with many Gari events, it wasn’t all about gluttonous self-pleasure (though we are sooo here for that!): proceeds from this went towards Daryl Setterfield’s fundraiser for St Catherine’s Hospice, which culminates in him doing not one but TWO marathons (London and Brighton) and hopefully raising at least £2,250 by April. Go Daryl!

‘Gari-oke’ – Well okay this one didn’t go quite so smoothly! A mere two hours before the event was due to begin on Sat 28 Jan Shiv received word from our host that he’d broken down near Littlehampton and had no chance of reaching Redhill in time to do the DJing duty required. Major spanner in our works. But, we are nothing if not resilient and resourceful, as within two hours the event had been switched to a disco, and a makeshift mic and screen were set up to facilitate voluntary squeaks, squawks, bellows, bawls and caterwauls, aided and abetted by plenty of pints and scores of shots! So happily, those who’d arrived and been shot down with disappointment came away feeling rather more buoyed up with brio.

Westerham Brewery trip – As promised to readers in January, brewery trips made a comeback in February! On Sat 18 Feb a troupe of eight intrepid beer lovers (well seven actually – the eighth was Annie Clark, who prefers gin, but kindly and deftly drove us there and back courtesy of St Mary’s School bus and so we would not have been without her!) ensconced themselves in the large warehouse that is Westerham’s new brewery site and dutifully worked through most of their wares. Fortunately we arrived early, as by 2pm the place was rammed to its rafters and we began to understand why they’d reverted to table service only with that number of thirsty mouths to fill. Much merriment was had as always, capped by a suitable follow- on for the more robust among us back at The Gari. Look out for more details on future months’ excursions (including the next one below) – if you wanted to come but were unable to make it this time around we really hope you can join next time. Shiv is open to suggestions by the way!

Regular fundraising activities:

EasyFundRaising – the clue is very-much in the title!
The Garibaldi Pub One Lottery – still £1 a ticket and although I’ve yet to yield more than £5.76 every little helps in this cost of living crisis!
‘Your Fund Surrey – Join The Local Conversation’ – you never know; one day our pub really will be OUR pub! Meat raffles – as below; carnivores will yet-again be making their indirect contributions to the loveliness of our garden this coming year!

What’s on – regular events:

Meat raffle – weekly at 5pm, from Sun 26 Feb – £1 a ticket, £5 for a strip of five.
Quiz night – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 2 Mar – get those neurons and synapses firing! See special one-off event details below.
‘Music Bingo’ – fortnightly at 8pm, from Thu 9 Mar – more £1 tickets so get those lugholes tuned-in and hopefully get the songs ticked-off! Again – see special one-off event below.
‘Forces Fry-up’ – monthly at 10am, from Sat 18 Mar – anyone with an army, navy or air force connection and who isn’t on a strict diet can come and dose-up on delish delights of the fried format each and every month, courtesy of Shiv, Juliet, Claire and Bhunny’s.

What’s on – one-off events:

‘Gari-oke’ – despite the last attempt being only four weeks prior, Januarys karaoke was such a success, we’re bringing the house version of ‘Garioke’ back from 7.30pm on Sat 25 Feb, so if you want another chance to watch us wreck the mic (psych) then this is it!
Brewery trip: Titsey – yes, the wheels on the brew-bus keep going round and round as we go further afield once again for some committed quaffage! The next jaunt is to Titsey, only a few miles away, and at £15 for your transport plus the obligatory fried food foundation beforehand, it’s another great value pub away-day. Get it in your diaries now – 11am, Sat 18 Mar – directly after the FFU.

Live music: ‘3Times7’ – our unofficial ‘house band’ are back with us making their familiar sounds from 8pm on Sat 25 Mar.
Special quiz/bingo combo night – on Thu 23 Mar we are hosting a special combined edition of our quiz and bingo events, which will raise money for Age Concern. So the idea is you get the best of both worlds on one night while soothing your conscience knowing there’s a chance to win and also give generously! The plan is:

Quiz at 7pm, Raffle at 8:30pm (come on it wouldn’t be a Gari thing without a raffle!). ‘Music Bingo’ at 8:45pm. Prizes will be available on the night and all cash raised with go to the charity.
Easter 2023 – okay I know it feels a tad premature, but before we know it the event will be upon us, so it’s never too early to start egging you on! On the big day – Sun 9 Apr – we have a fine flux of family fun fitted out for you, including:

Easter egg hunt for kids – starts at 11am – could be tricky as we have plenty of ground to cover!
Scavenger hunt for adults – yes we don’t leave the grown-ups out – Andy will be running the show so happy hunting!
Eggy raffle – yes another one – this time in aid of the Horley Lions – as always, just the £1 for a ticket, but the chance to win a huge 1 kilogram choccy egg!

Our Crowdfunder is now live!